Apple Face Recognition Technology

Company Apple filed a patent application face recognition technology , has published its Office of United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).
According tehnoblog Patently Apple, the new patent would allow Apple to implement a function to recognize individuals in their mobile devices and laptops. With this gadget owners will be able to identify a login without entering a password.Identification will be carried out using the built-in camera device, and the main "points of comparison" be made by the eyes, nose and mouth, and skin tone.
The application assumes that the device can store face multiple users - for example, family members or employees of one department. Everyone has an individual set of programs and settings, which is loaded after the device has its "learned".It is unknown how long patent-pending technology will be added to the device with iOS, and how it will work well in comparison with the recently debuted a similar development of Android Face Unlock. But we know that Apple filed a patent application before the Android Face Unlock -

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