Best Applications For 2012

The coming year will be for the IT-world year of web applications - software products that are delivered to the user in a browser window, told RIA Novosti Brian Rakowski (Brian Rakowski), head of the team web browser Google Chrome."2012 will be a year of web applications - both entertainment and business. Our task - to bring it to market as many developers," - said Rakowski, told RIA Novosti, devoted to the third anniversary browser, Google Chrome.

September 2, 2008 was presented the first beta browser Google Chrome. Nowadays it is used by about 60 million people - a 23% global market share, according to Stat Counter service in August 2011.
 In December 2010, at Chrome got its own app store - Chrome Web Store, as well as a project of the same name of the operating system Chrome OS, entirely built around a web browser Chrome. As a result, Web applications have become the key to the success of Chrome and Chrome OS. According to Rakowski, even Google has no common understanding of exactly what can be called a web application, and how these products differ from classical web services. According to representatives of Google, a characteristic feature of web applications - rich feature set, functionality comparable to the "desktop" software. at Google working on a platform for web applications is on several fronts. A key focus is on technology WebGL for graphics and Native Client technology to create high-standard data processing functions (processing video, working with compressed archives etc.), Rakowski said.

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