How to create an American account in the App Store

How to create an American account in the App Store
Unfortunately, users have many U.S. advantages in comparison with other regions. Americans can purchase and download movies and music, they are available How to create an American account in the App Store Match and Ping . Certain applications are available only to the U.S., they are not even visible from the other regions. For example the game Rage , or free software such as CloudOn and OnLive Desktop is not available Russian users. 
The world is not the same pricing policy in individual countries, it varies depending on the continent and the state. The fact that Russian users do 10-20 ye, Europeans or Americans can do for 50-100 dollars or euros. So many online services account is tied to the region. Unable to use the U.S. account outside the country or vice versa. But in the App Store , fortunately, not yet fully so that allows us "mere mortals" to have an account "elect."

The company Apple less forgiving of the U.S. users. So, if you misbehave in the U.S. account, it can not only close, but can also calculate the IP of your other accounts and close them too.

1. Run Itunes . Registration through the website I will not describe, as it is currently useless.

2. Go to the Itunes Store , and can not open a store for the U.S. at the bottom of the page with the right to be the U.S. flag, click on the box and on the page Choose your Country or Re Gion choose UN ITED STATES .
*** IF YOU WANT TO CREATE A FREE ACCOUNT start at step 6b . *** 
3. In iTunes - E go to menu Store => Create Account / Store => Create an Account . 4. On the Welcome page, click on the button 

Continue . Read carefully the conditions and examine all the points ticking on I Have Read and Agree to These terms and Conditions click on the button Agree . 

5. Page opens Provide Apple ID Details , which indicate the current e-mail, it will need to activate your account. Trying to drive the desired password in the bottom two fields. Passwords must be at least 8 characters long and must contain at least one letter and number in the register. Put in the Question question (for example: Knock knock Who's there?) and in the Answer response (for example: That I Pechkin postman). They will identify you if you forget your password. Fill in your date of birth (better specify the year so you would not have been less than 18 years). Remove the 2 lower tick if you do not want spam from the company Ap p Le and click on the buttonContinue .

6 a . In page Provide a Payment Method to choose the payment method, indicating credit cards or account Pay Pal . I do not think that credit cards rossiykih banks will be accepted. Here we must also use American Pay Pal account. You can buy a virtual credit card VISA Electron or buy Itunes Gift Card USA and enter the code below.

6b . Okay I will not pull ... there is a way to register your account without a credit card. To do this in a store iTunes , under Apple Store , on the right page has a list of popular free applications FREE APPS . Choose any and try to download it. Itunes asks to enter into an existing account or create a new one that we certainly do that, click on Create a new accountand going through all the steps from step 3. And lo and behold, a list of ways to pay for a button called NONE , which we can choose to register without specifying the method of payment.

7. Next, select the title, gentlemen choose Mr ., unmarried ladies Mis ., married Mrs . Fill in the name "American" letters ( VLADIMIR Ilyich LENIN ).

8. To complete the address and the index, first go to the site, From left, select the state (eg California ), then choose the region and the city (eg Los Angeles , City of Angels). We get zip code (for example 90 012). Also remember the Area code (in this case 323).
9. You can fill in the address field of all kinds of nonsense, but if you want Khoroshenko konspirovatsya and enter the "real data" then go to the site, Trying to drive a selected zip code and give a map of the region where poisk.Otkryvaetsya right click on the roof of any house that you like and click on the menu What ' s here ? . You google will display the street name ( in my case, 703-733 Yale St , Los Angeles , CA 90 012).

10. The phone can be left blank or drive in Area Code number, taken from the site and any seven numbers (which is something like 323 555-1234). 11. Click on the button 

Create Apple ID . Obtain the congratulations page. Check the e-mail to activate your account.

All your U.S. account is ready for use, than you and congratulate Mr. and 

NOTE:   Sometimes publishers are releasing the same game (application) for different regions, with slightly altered names, ostensibly from different developers. One version is for the U.S. and another for all other regions.

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