Nissan produces iPhone self-healing case

Nissan produces iPhone self-healing case: Nissan - far from being the brand name is synonymous with the iPhone, but after the release of the company strap Scratch Shield for the iPhone, potentially has a chance to become one. A new product from the largest Japanese automaker Nissan is positioned as a "self-healing" case for the popular "apple" gadget that will reliably protect the iPhone from scratches. 

 The new design uses the same auto revolutionary paint technology, as in the coating of Nissan and Infiniti, in accordance with which the surface of impact-resistant ABS plastic covered with paint on polirotaksana. Due to its structure, coverage can repair itself. In addition, the case has a high flexibility and a rough surface, so that the smartphone does not slip out of hand. This technology was developed by Nissan engineers in collaboration with scientists from the University of Tokyo and by Advanced Soft materials in 2005.

Representatives from Nissan argued that medium-sized scratch would be "cured" in about an hour, while a deeper and more serious scratches can disappear for about a week.

Developers plan to start testing the prototype box Scratch Shield for iPhone soon this year, while its release for sale is tentatively scheduled for late 2012. Test samples will be distributed to journalists and experts. About the price of new items has not reported.

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